Monthly Archives: August 2011

Focus on Behavioral Advertising

As the FTC is evaluating its Dot Com Disclosures guidelines and Congress considers Do Not Track legislation, the debate over regulation of online advertising has intensified.  On one side, opponents of new legislation explain how online advertising subsidizes many of the free services Internet users enjoy and point to studies showing that Internet advertising contributes … Continue Reading

Baker Hostetler Hosts Data Breach Webinar

On August 10, 2011, several members of Baker Hostetler’s Healthcare Industry and Privacy, Security and Social Media Teams hosted a webinar entitled “Are You Ready for a Data Breach?” The program focused on the complex and rapidly changing HIPAA/HITECH regulations and compliance issues facing healthcare institutions. The program also discussed the multimillion-dollar penalties that recently … Continue Reading

NLRB Issues Advice Memorandums Regarding Disciplining Employees for Social Media Misconduct

Since the advent of social networking websites like Facebook, employers have struggled to determine when it is appropriate to discipline an employee who engages in misconduct through social media.  Fortunately, the NLRB offered significant guidance on this issue in three Advice Memorandums submitted in July 2011.  These Memorandums seem to indicate an employer may discipline … Continue Reading

Can Big Data Analytics Help Prevent the Next Operation Shady RAT?

On July 28, 2011, McAfee released a white paper (reg. req’d.) detailing its investigation of a targeted intrusion into more than 70 companies and government organizations over the past five years by an APT—an attack McAfee called Operation Shady RAT.  By gaining access to a command and control server that was used in the attacks, … Continue Reading